Mission Statement

Nexus MD Services' mission is to provide a complete package of all services related to Medical Billing, enabling provider(s) to maximize their revenue while staying focused on clinical practice.

About Us

Nexus MD Services intends to provide the highest quality services with the required technical and professional expertise, integrity, and efficiency so we can stand tall with confidence in the Medical Billing industry.

Tedious Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) significantly impacts Accounts Receivable (A/R) growth and can lead to unnecessary write-offs. As a result, lost revenue becomes the unusual norm. In addition, with a continued increase in the Managed-Care-Organizations, number of physicians are known to have shrinking profit margins. Therefore, for medical practices to survive and remain in business, they must adopt a more efficient business model.

It is Nexus MD Services' job to set up and implement a complete RCM plan to overcome the financial loss. In addition, we ensure that the healthcare providers are up to date with ever-changing healthcare reforms and help establish a strategic plan per market standards so the providers can benefit in the form of the high reimbursements they deserve for their services.

What Do We Offer

A complete, one stop solution for your medical practice, so you focus on patients and we take care of your medical billing.


We work quickly and efficiently!

As a well-certified healthcare back-office support services company, NexusMD Services strictly follows HIPAA compliance guidelines & protocols to keep the data of healthcare providers safe and secure.

  • 100% HIPAA compliant process
  • Up to 40% savings on operating cost per employee
  • 97% claims paid on first submission
  • Flexibility of scaling up and scaling down the team as per requirement
  • Real-time access to reports
  • RCM Reporting (Daily, Weekly, Monthly & YTD)

We are 100% HIPAA compliant & keep ourselves updated with all the latest HIPAA requirements.
Hospitals, clinics and private practices in the United States must comply with HIPAA and HITECH regulations to protect sensitive patient information. NexusMD Services is committed to meet HIPAA compliance requirements. It’s no easy task ensuring your practice delivers quality patient care, higher productivity and increased cash flow, all while trying to comply with ever-changing regulations and payer guidelines. NexusMD Services will help you increase your revenue and keep your practice in a smooth condition.
From claim entry to denial follow-up and appeals, NexusMD Services manages every aspect of the medical billing process. Our percentage-based pricing ensures we get paid only after you get paid. With us, there are no startup costs, no investments in hardware or software, and no hidden or ongoing expenses.

Why NEXUS MD Services


There are thousands of medical billing companies in the United States. Most of the larger ones are owned by software companies, which means their primary objective is to sell you software. Billing isn’t their focus and it’s certainly not their strength. NexusMD Services leads the way with cost-effective solutions that ensure clean preparation and timely submission of medical bills to maximize provider collections with errorless billing.


Our experienced staff guarantees the highest returns and maximum profits for practices & provides fully transparent data, relevant reporting, meticulous follow-up of insurance claims with a painstaking process of accurately completing transactions and provide a clear picture of a medical practice’s financial health.

How we work for a practice on daily basis?

Demographic Entries

Image Record Data Entry

Prior-Authorizations request & tracking

Daily Billing Activity Report

Verification of Provider Notes or Superbills

Medical Coding & scrubbing claims before submission

Fee schedule Review & Analysis

Electronic Claims Submission

Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Copay, Deductibles, Coins, Patient’s Primary Care Physician details, Coverage Effective/Termed dates

Appeal & Correction, Resubmissions of any denied or low paid claims

Clearing Rejections if any

ERA/EOB Posting

Denials Management

Providing Medical Records to Insurances if requested

Account Receivables Management & Extensive Insurance follow-up

Posting of Patient payments on regular basis

Dispatching Patient Statements Timely

Data Processing of all Medical Insurance Claim Forms

including UB-04, HCFA, CMS-1500, UB92, Dental Claims Forms

Our Team

Providers Practice shouldn’t be dependent upon one or two key employees to key charges, submit claims, track audit trails, post payments, pursue delinquent insurance claims, or answer patient billing questions.

We believe to keep a practice in good health there should be a team of experienced & skilled employees working for it. Since multiple team members work on each account in house, there’s always someone available with personal knowledge of your account to answer all your queries & specific billing questions on time.

Pricing Plan

We have a flexible individually tailored pricing that primarily depends upon the size of the practice and specialty.

We have designed exclusive & versatile pricing options and you can choose from a Fixed-Monthly-Fee pricing, Pay-Per-Claim pricing or a more conventional Collection-Percentage pricing model. We are confident that you’ll never have to spend more on your billing expenses, or worry about hidden charges when you choose NexusMD Services as your billing partner. In fact, you’ll see that by choosing us as your billing company the overall costs are reduced to a bare-minimum with a positive revenue increase within the first quarter. We provide our clients the liberty to choose from any pricing option they consider is best suited for them.

Note: All of our packages include the same level of service, same value-added options and support services. The only difference is in pricing and not the service itself.

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U.S based where the experienced professionals design the comprehensive RCM solution to increase the reimbursement & minimize the revenue loss of providers & practices.